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---- Unlike many other Camaro web sites; this one will focus on one type of Third Generation Camaro;  the Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta ! The Berlinetta was originally introduced with a second generation body-style in 1979 and was produced until mid-year of 1986. Chevrolet already dominated in the performance market with the Z28 & decided to target the luxury market with the Berlinetta by installing an upgrade interior, complete gauge package, smooth  riding suspension, and long option code stickers on the console pad of these unique Camaros.

---- The 'Starship Camaro' Berlinetta was only offered during the 1984, 1985, & 1986 model years.  It's concept was initially developed by A GM designer named Nelly Toledo in 1981 and  included telescoping control pods and a free standing, rotating, Cassette Player with Equalizer.   This cockpit design was radical and achieved it's purpose of merging the latest digital technology with aero-space inspired ergonomic controls. A Camaro Berlinetta has many hidden features that were years ahead of it's time & most *Regular* Camaro owners never even got the chance to experience  !!

' John in RI '


 Latest Update : 03-30-15:

 Boy - It's been a LONG time since I've updated this Home Page !!  Hopefully the lack of any recent updates hasn't made folks think I've given up on the Third Generation Camaros' most unique offspring !  The last couple years have been a little 'slower' for me the previous when it comes to my Camaro/Firebird projects because of shifting priorities, ( home repair, weather damage, growing boys, family responsibilities, ect... )  But I will always remain very involved in helping to provide information, assistance & restoration parts to other Third Generation F-Body fanatics !

BIG THANX to the members at !!   Fellow TGO members voted my custom built 84 Camaro Berlinetta as their choice as Car of the Month in January 2015.  I've been a member of of TGO for about 15 years & was very honored to be selected by the group.  Thanx to all for your support and for taking the time to vote for my ride !! (  see it Here ! )

    My Berlinetta is ready and waiting (Like all of us here in the North-East) for Spring to finally arrive.  Temps are running about 15 degrees below average so far this year and we all REALLY deserve a sunny & warm Summer of 2015 to compensate us for the horrible Winter 2014-15 !  My garage is not heated so I've been pretty slow to get "started" on any significant work so far this year.  ( My FIRST task is to remove/rebuild the 4L60E that died in my Trailblazer - GOT to have a truck !! )  Sadly;  My 88 Digital Dash GTA restoration project has been put on hold ( again) so that I can address some major restoration work needed to my home.  I'm doubtful the GTA will get painted this year, but with any luck I can at least get the metal work done and the body ready for paint before this season ends.  I have just about everything prepared to rebuild this car, new seals, rebuild engine, new suspension, rear end restored, brakes completely rebuilt, all good interior parts acquired & so on,...... just need the car to get a few dings/dents removed and then paint it so I can put it all back together !


Last Update :  08-17-13:

 I hope Everyone is enjoying the Summer of 2013 !  It's been a pretty fantastic driving season this year,.. a bit Hot to start,... but it's been mostly dry this year and that makes for a much better day in a ThirdGen !!  I put most of my wrenching time this spring/summer into an 86 Z28 but I've also gotten a LOT of restoration work done to my next project cat too.  I'm REALLY looking forward to building it,.... It's my first GTA.  350ci with a Digital Interior !

    I've made a few minor changes to the website;  had to create a few new pages for the most recent cars,  Link the pages together, upload a ton of pictures and so on...   I also updated the MEDIA section. I had lost MANY pictures but was able to recover them, upload them to a new web server and correct  all the invalid hyperlinks, and re-size the images.  

FINALLY !!!  All the 1982  thru 1986 Factory Brochures should be visible once again .


Testing Service For Berlinetta Parts !!!

I am now testing Camaro Berlinetta Electronics. This Testing Service is in an attempt to diagnose problem parts early,......  before you buy the wrong part !!  Most mechanics don't have a clue how to diagnose the bugs in the complex Berlinetta electrical system and often pass BAD information to people after a 2 minute evaluation. My Testing Service will positively identify ANY problem in ANY Berlinetta part that I test...  NO MORE GUESSING which part you need to replace !!

Feel Free to E-Mail me for more info : Webmaster@Berlinetta.Info

Camaro & Berlinetta Wiring Schematics !!!

The "Digital Camaro" .ZIP file has been completed and is available for sale for a very reasonable fee. This .ZIP file  contains the a complete collection of color coded wiring diagrams for the 1985 Camaro Berlinetta - Coupe - Z28 & IROC Thirdgens.  The CD is specific to the 1985 model year but most of the diagrams can be used to troubleshoot problems in any 82-87 F-Body car !  Please see the Web Link below  for more details. Engine covered include :

L4      4 Cylinder --- VIN 2            

MPFI  6 Cylinder --- VIN S   85-89

Carb   8 Cylinder --- VIN H  83-87

Carb   8 Cylinder --- VIN G  83-86

 TPI     8 Cylinder --- VIN F   85      

I continue to add to this collection of files over it's original design.  It was originally created as a Compact Disk and was intended to be an aid for Berlinetta owners to assist them in any electrical issues they might have.  The collection now contains almost 100 MB of Camaro Berlinetta data !!  It includes Berlinetta "on Car Service" Procedures, Adds, Brochures and more !  There are over 450 files on this collection,..... enough to keep you entertained for a LONG time !    The additional content is explained here:

The Digital Camaro.ZIP


Disclaimer !!!  The this site continues to slowly grow into the most complete source for Camaro Berlinetta information on the WEB. Understand that I am only human and there will be a number of corrections that will need to be made to this site as it grows. I make every attempt to report only facts on this website and in my private E-Mails. So feel free to E-Mail me any questions or comments that you may have !!!!  I'll W/B ASAP !